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Pulse Cooling & HOT SPRUE

Pulse Cooling and Hot Sprue Technologies


Pulse Cooling is a superior method of die temperature control via thermal fluids.

The 3 main fluids used for thermal control in Die casting dies are:

  • Cooling Tower Water
  • Hot Water Circulation
  • Hot Oil Systems

Hot Water and Hot Oil are good for heating dies, but not as good for cooling.

Cooling Tower Water has by far the greatest cooling capacity of the three. However, without adequate control, it can easily remove too much heat.

This is where the Hotflo Pulse Cooling Controller comes into its own.

The fluid flow is turned off and on for short, adjustable time periods during the shot cycle. Multiple fluid lines are connected to key locations in the die, and each has its own pulsing program.

If the machine stops making parts, no cooling fluid flows, preventing the die from becoming too cool.

For thick-walled parts with high heat content, pulse cooling of water can remove it all in a controlled and repeatable cycle, preventing die temperature build-up.

This system was originally developed for use in hot sprue tooling. However, it has since been used in both hot chamber zinc casting and cold chamber aluminium Die Casting with outstanding results.

The high cooling rate of Tower Water combined with Pulse Cooling control gives maximum Die Casting production output.

pulse cooling control
hot sprue
hot sprue


Hot sprue technology is a superior method of making hot chamber Die Cast parts which greatly reduces the amount of alloy that needs to be remelted.

Therefore, with every shot, a much greater percentage of the cast alloy can be delivered to the customer. This reduces waste, reduces energy, reduces the production cost, and increases the productivity of the plant.

See videos below of hot sprue dies in production.