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An advanced Die Casting shot monitor.

Die Shot  Advanced Die Casting Monitor

Die-Shot measures and charts all the key parameters in your Die Casting dies to enable you to take control of the process and achieve better quality and production.

Many modern Die Casting machines come with a built-in shot monitor. However, these only monitor the performance of the machine using sensors in the hydraulic fluid and on the plunger ram.

What engineers really need is a way to measure what is happening inside the dies.

This is where Die-Shot comes to the fore.

For example, we can supply these compact, rugged, force sensors (which are fitted in the ejector plate, directly behind selected ejector pins).

The Die-Shot system can then measure, and display, the actual pressure profiles inside the cavity. This can be viewed during cavity filling, during solidification and during ejection, providing a complete picture of your process.

This is the data you need to control and improve your whole Die Casting process.

Compact Force Sensors

Pressures and Forces

The Die-Shot software has been specifically developed to extract key parameters from these force sensors:

  • Metal Pressure at the Gate
  • Metal Pressure in the Cavity
  • Maximum Static Pressure in the Cavity
  • Intensification Pressure in the Cavity
  • Solidification Time Profile
  • Ejection Force on the Pin

 As well as this pressure and force information, Die-Shot will calculate:

  • Actual Cavity Fill Time
  • Gate Speed
  • Discharge Coefficient

These are all critical parameters in your Die Casting process.

Pulse Cooling Control
Die-Shot System
Die Surface Temperature

The Die-Shot system has extensive capabilities for measuring die surface temperatures.

This can be done with thermocouples embedded in the die.

It can also be accomplished using Non-Contact infrared optical sensors.

Die-Shot will monitor the temperatures over time, from shot-to shot, showing temperature build up time, and the effect of production stoppages.

Historical data can be retained for analysis.

Non-contact IR Temperature Sensor
Tie Bar Loading

Die-Shot can measure the total loading on each tie bar when each shot is made.

Imbalances can be seen at a glance.

Limits and Alarms can be set to warn the operator of potential problems before they occur.

Vacuum Measurements

The Die-Shot Monitor can measure the vacuum time profile both in the lines and in the cavity.

Shot-to-shot variation can be spotted to head off porosity issues before they propagate into production parts.

Plunger Position and Speed

As well as the advanced pressure measurements inside the cavity, Die-Shot can also measure the traditional shot monitor parameters of plunger position and speed.

There is a wide range of sensors, signal conditioner and cables available for the Die-Shot system, all designed to operate in a challenging factory environment.
Strain Gauge Signal Conditioner and Amplifier