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Advanced Die Casting Technologies, Worldwide

HotFlo provides technical solutions, equipment and software to companies who make Die Cast components around the world.


Software for Process Design

  • Reduce simulation time.
  • Design out the rejects.
  • Build better dies.


Advanced Process Monitoring

Pulse Cooling Control
  • Measure cavity pressure
  • Monitor solidification
  • View vacuum in the cavity

Pulse Cooling & Hot Sprue

Smarter Casting Production

pulse cooling control
  • Increase production output
  • Reduce re-melted metal
  • Lower factory costs

Our Mission:

To enable die casting companies to reduce rejects and increase productivity

We supply software, equipment and know-how to companies making Die Cast parts around the world. Whether you make small decorative zinc parts or large aluminium castings, let us help you to improve quality and output.

Improve die and process design with our DC-CALC software.

See what is happening inside your dies with advanced shot monitoring.

Improve your shot rate per hour with high power die cooling.

Ask for our help with your casting defects.

Send us an email with your query or requirements.

Casting consultation

Send us details on a problem casting and let us help you find a solution.

Need help with die design?

Our engineering staff can introduce the latest technologies to your die designs for improved performance.